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Grovyle by Glen-i
I needed something to keep me occupied until the Nintendo Direct tonight.
So I thought, "Hey, it's been a while since I drew a Grovyle pic" and now, here we are!

I'll tell you one thing, out of all the starter Pokemon and their evolutions, I think Grovyle would totally be the teen heartthrob.
Go ahead, try and think of one that would be better. Bet you can't.
So I went ahead and drew it leaning against a wall.

What building does this wall belong to?
If a Grovyle leans against it's head leaf, does it hurt?
And why did I struggle so much on drawing it's left leg!?

Anyway, still an hour and a half left to go until the Direct. So I need to distract myself in another way.
Think I might play some Smash.
Smeargle by Glen-i
2 pics in 2 days? That's remarkably consistent of me! Don't expect me to keep that up though.

I have drawn Smeargle before, but it's another Pokemon that works well in black and white.
Until about half way through, then I decided to use paints for the tail. (Because Smeargle, you know, paints with it's tail)
Aren't I clever? Well, either way, it does provide a nice bit of focus to the picture.

That's pretty much all I've got to say about it.
Zangoose by Glen-i
Hmmm? The last picture was coloured? Well, yeah. But why can't I do both?

I mentioned this on the Beartic pic, but this pencil style I've recently taken up makes drawing prominently white Pokemon far more intriguing to me.

Zangoose is a Pokemon I like, but can never understand why it's so popular. Like Final Fantasy 7.
In other words, I think it's overrated, but still neat. Like Final Fantasy 7.
Zangoose also has many design oddities that annoy me. Which I will now list some of for you now.

- It's supposed to be a speedy Pokemon, yet it's noticeably chubby.
- What's up with the "M" pattern on it's chest? There's no "M" in Zangoose, and there certainly isn't an "M" in it's Japanese name, Zanguusu.
- Quite frankly, the only thing that "M" could stand for is it's French name. However, that name is Mangriff. Which just sounds hilarious to English people.
- Why does Zangoose have claws on it's hands but not it's feet?
- And while I'm at it, how comes Zangoose has 3 digits, but only two claws on each hand? Look closely, it has a thumb. Weird, huh?

Despite that, still a cool Pokemon. Enjoy the pic!
Secret ingredients aren't always good by Glen-i
Secret ingredients aren't always good
It was :icondeweyousarts:'s birthday 2 days ago. You know, he's the guy who suggested I try my hand at black and white drawings.
The worst thing about that is that I had this picture all ready then. But I thought his birthday was the 28th...
So late birthday drawing it is!

The Totodile on the right is Dimitri, who you should have seen by now. He's not a very good cook.
The one on the left is Dewey, his Totodile character. And yes, he is positively huge for a Totodile.

The trickiest part about this was definitely trying to emulate :icondeweyousarts:'s style of drawing a Totodile. There are more than a few subtle differences between our two styles that definitely threw me off. Particularly, the snout.

Anyway, hope you had a great day. And I hope you like the pic!

Oh right! And before I forget. Thanks to :iconugh-first-aid: for using her leet photoshop skillz to get rid of the watermark Pokemon Art Academy applies to pictures. I normally do it myself, but when there's line work underneath it, I need her help. You'd never guess it was there!
Beartic by Glen-i
I drew this in less than half an hour!
SHUT UP! That's impressive for me!

I hope you like my greyscale pictures, because I'm liking it and will happily do more of them.

Have I drawn a Beartic before? I can't remember. Definitely not drawn a picture with it as the subject. Anyway, I like Beartic, but I've always been hesitant to draw it because it's almost entirely white. Doesn't work well in a coloured picture.
But that kind of colour palette works fantastically for a pencil sketch! So here we are!

Beartic is one of those Pokemon that looks like it'd punch you in the face just for looking at it funny.
And yes, I kinda like most Pokemon that look like they'd punch you in the face just for looking at it funny.
I make levels on that.
But unlike about 80% of the levels created. Mine are actually decent and not automatic!

Here's a code for my first level.


And if you play it, don't forget to tap my Mii's face and follow me.
There's a hidden 1-up mushroom (Mystery Mushroom if it's the SMB style) in every level, see if you can find them.


Glen-i's Profile Picture
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United Kingdom
That lovely picture is drawn by :iconcheshiremon:

Hey, I'm Glen-i! You found my DA page. Go, you!

I used to make Flipnotes, but here you'll find the stuff I drew on Art Academy and Colours 3D.

If you really want to watch my flips, here's a…
To see some of my pics on the Colours Website, go here.…
If you like the pics there, you can see some of them in 3D on your 3DS!

Also, I have a Tumblr as well. More ramblings there!

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