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Marowak Doodles by Glen-i
Marowak Doodles
Don't ask why, but one day, I just got carried away doodling Marowaks.
So why not just shove them all together in one picture.
Like a less impressive version of :iconugh-first-aid:'s doodle dumps.

Marowak has always been an odd Pokemon. When it's a Cubone, it wears a skull, but when it evolves, it's... head becomes the skull?
Seriously, that's what happens. Check the model in the 3DS games, watch it blink. It's eyelids are white! What's up with that?
So, are Cubones wearing the actual heads of Marowaks or what?
Also, I find it difficult to believe that the bone club a Marowak uses is from an actual Marowak. It's far too big to be part of a Marowak's body.
Oh, and I don't buy the whole, "It's an orphaned Kangaskhan baby" nonsense! If that was the case, why do we get Male Marowaks but it's completely impossible to get a Male Kangaskhan?

So, yeah. Odd Pokemon. Which helps make it cool in a weird sort of way.

BTW, while I don't have any plans to colour these pictures, I suppose I could finish off one or two if some people liked a few.
Hypno by Glen-i
So after my last picture, I wanted to carry on with the whole "Slightly more detailed than I would normally draw a picture" thing with another Pokemon.
...I need to think of a better name than that.

Anyway, I went with Hypno. Hypno's one of my favourite Psychic types. So why not?
I might have went a bit overboard with the hands, spent a long time on those.

I do want to carry on practicing this more detail than usual thing, so why not suggest a Pokemon for me to draw, can't promise I'll want to go for it, but where's the harm in asking? It's also a nice way to see who actually reads my descriptions or not.

Hmmm... I feel like I'm missing something...
OH RIGHT! It's my birthday today! Go me! Way to not die! Let's see if I can keep this living streak going for 27 years.
Glen the Kecleon by Glen-i
Glen the Kecleon
New year, new profile icon!

Do you know the last time I drew a picture focusing on my Keclesona?
August 11, 2014.
Over a year with no Kecleon drawings!? Best fix that...

Might have experimented a little with adding a tiny little bit more detail than I would normally go for usually.
Look! I have knees! And elbows! And a bit of a gut!
I'm not sure if it looks better or not though. A little bit of feedback would be nice.
For comparisons sake, here's the previous picture.…

BTW! Just realised that this is my 400th picture I've uploaded on this site. Happy coincidence that!
Kitted Out by Glen-i
Kitted Out
Oh my daze, I did a background! Oh my daze, it took forever!
Go ahead, full size it if you want!

You know, I've played over 50 games from start to finish this year.
Yes, I kept track. What? It's not that weird.

For the 50th game, I decided to revisit my favourite game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It's still as great as I remember.
Those of you have been paying attention will know that the Feraligatr is Dalbert and the Charizard is Draco.
One of the neat things about this game is the Pokemon-Exclusive items. Basically, items that only affect Pokemon in a certain evolution line. Every Pokemon has one and it gives benefits just by keeping it on you. I decided to implement these into this picture.
For Example, a Feraligatr can use the items that Totodile, Croconaw and itself can use, while a Charizard can use Charmander's, Charmeleon's and Charizard's.
Of course, you never actually see them in-game, so I had to use my imagination a bit.
Draco is sporting the Heat Armlet, Kindle Scarf and Flame Bangle while Dalbert has the Wash Bow, Hydro Jaw and Anger Scarf (But I always draw him wearing that anyway)
I then went ahead and added the equippable items I use as well. X-Ray Specs and Persim Band, along with the Treasure Bag. Might as well go the full hog!

But yeah, this picture took a while. Hope you enjoy it.
(Imaginary bonus points for anyone who actually remembers the name of the location the picture depicts)
Grovyle by Glen-i
I needed something to keep me occupied until the Nintendo Direct tonight.
So I thought, "Hey, it's been a while since I drew a Grovyle pic" and now, here we are!

I'll tell you one thing, out of all the starter Pokemon and their evolutions, I think Grovyle would totally be the teen heartthrob.
Go ahead, try and think of one that would be better. Bet you can't.
So I went ahead and drew it leaning against a wall.

What building does this wall belong to?
If a Grovyle leans against it's head leaf, does it hurt?
And why did I struggle so much on drawing it's left leg!?

Anyway, still an hour and a half left to go until the Direct. So I need to distract myself in another way.
Think I might play some Smash.
I make levels on that.
But unlike about 80% of the levels created. Mine are actually decent and not automatic!

Here's a code for my first level.


And if you play it, don't forget to tap my Mii's face and follow me.
There's a hidden 1-up mushroom (Mystery Mushroom if it's the SMB style) in every level, see if you can find them.


Glen-i's Profile Picture
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United Kingdom
That lovely picture is drawn by :iconcheshiremon:

Hey, I'm Glen-i! You found my DA page. Go, you!

I used to make Flipnotes, but here you'll find the stuff I drew on Art Academy and Colours 3D.

If you really want to watch my flips, here's a…
To see some of my pics on the Colours Website, go here.…
If you like the pics there, you can see some of them in 3D on your 3DS!

Also, I have a Tumblr as well. More ramblings there!

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